Yoni Detox Pearls with Applicator set pack

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Yoni Detox Pearls - Monthly Rituals (Yoni Pearls Therapy 100% Holistic) Vaginal Cleansing Gems Herb Detox Feminine Vaginal Womb Detox Pearls

Yoni Detox Pearls, World no.1 trusted Brand making Yoni Pearls, we are experts in maintaining same Quality & same perfection till date, Our detox pearls are natural and carefully picked herbs and this will helps us to standout(Free Shipping & Hand Sanitizer in every order)

Tightening and nourishing vagina

Female Vaginal Cleaning Care

Treating gynecopathy including vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, vaginal infection(colpitis), disease of vulva, appendagitis, pelvic inflammation, hysteromyoma, oophoritic cyst, endometritis, etc.

Cleaning ulterua, regulating qi and blood, beauty, preventing gynecopathy, increasing the viability of uterine cells, improving vaginal elasticity

Package Includes:

Each pack Contains (8 Pearls and 1 applicator) Item based on your check out count of selection