Yoni Oil - Flavors - Rosemary, Rose Essential, Lavender

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Yoni Oil|Essentail Oil|Yoni Massage| Vaginal Oil| Vagina Oil

Massage on the mons pubis, the labia majora, around the Clitoris, the inner thighs, and the anus. (Make sure the area is clean).
You may use this oil in the morning to keep you dry and fresh and at night to freshen up as well.


Rosemary - Please always keep the love, Miss, recall.
Rose Essential - Nobel, Mysterious, my lady.
Lavender - I want Romance and I want you.

What's Yoni Oil?

Yoni Oil is a mix of Many kinds of Chinese herbs and roses, it have many functions for women health.

1. clean sterilization

2.Anti-inflammatory calm skin

3.eliminate peculiar smell

4.reduce leucorrhea

5.reduce dysmenorrhea

6. pink private parts efficacy.

***For your safety, I do not recommend putting this oil in my mouth, as it contains essential oils that should not be ingested.***

*Do Not use this product with condoms, Dental Dams, etc.
*Do Not use this product with cuts or open abrasions!
*Do Not use as a lubricant!
*Do Not use if you are PREGNANT
*Do Not put this oil in your vagina.

Please keep out the reach of children.

The information provided is for reference purposes only. It is not intended to substitute any advice given by a licensed health-care professional. We do not advise using this information to self-diagnose any medical conditions and advise you to contact your health care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Any information and statements regarding our products have not been evaluated by the FDA