Yoni Pops Vagina Cleaning Pills Organic Boric Acid Capsules Vaginal Suppositories(10 Pack)

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For odorless, tighter & juicier vaginas
Excellent for constant yeast infections
Repair cervical erosion
Be spontaneous with sex
Enhances love making
Effects last for about 30 days
Excellent to use at end of menstrual cycle
Relief from Herpes outbreaks
Natural herbal solution

Main Ingredients:
Niu Huang (Calculus Bovis Artifactus),Zhen Zhu Fen (Pearls powder),Bai Ji (Rhizoma Bletillae extraction),Dan Nan Xing (Arisaema
Cum Bile),Tian Zhu Huang (Concretio Silicea Bambusae),Peng Sha (Borax),Bing Pian-Borneol-Actions

How it works

Wash Hands
Insert 1 Pill in the Vagina (Push it up as far as it could go).
Dissolve in 2 to 3 hours

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